Tours for All Ages

Oregon Heritage Farms offers a laid back and educational experience for learners of all ages. The focus is on learning, fun, and eating apples! For all age groups, we offer tours with the following:

  • Hay ride around our orchard
  • Bouncing Apple
  • Apple Rope Maze
  • Mini Hay Maze
  • Apple and Cider Tasting

Every Child will leave with:

  • An apple
  • An apple sippy cup of cider
  • Small pumpkin in October
  • A greater understanding of how apples get from the trees to the grocery store.

Tours are available during September and October.


Tours for Ages 6+

For groups of students aged 6 and up, Oregon Heritage offers an additional tour through the packing facility. The field trip begins at the wholesale location and then moves to the farm store for the activities described above. This is a great opportunity to show how apples get from the tree to the grocery store. As it is a work environment with heavy equipment, OHF has three simple rules that must be followed:

  1. Do not touch anything
  2. Walk and stay behind tour guide
  3. Look and learn

If your group can abide by those three rules, ask about booking a tour through the packing facility when you call!

Tours are available during September and October.

 Packing tour hallway