Oregon Heritage Farms - FAQs

Q: What are your seasonal hours?

OHF is open mid-August, depending on the fruit, through the second Sunday in November. CiderFest is the first Saturday in October, AppleFest is the second Saturday in October. During season, business hours are every day, 10am-5pm.

Q: Can I pick my own apples?

All apples at the OHF Farm Store are brought straight from the field to the store. Just as if you had picked them yourself! Due to food safety and liability issues, the public is not allowed in the orchards.

Q: Why are there so many apples on the ground? Can I pick them up?

Apples naturally fall off the tree for many reasons and we also thin to manage crop load. Because of food safety and liability issues, any apple that touches the ground cannot be gleaned. Any apples on the ground are re-worked into the soil as fertilizer.

Q: What is the white fabric in the orchard?

The white fabric is a product called Extend-a-day. It reflects light back into the trees, promoting consistent maturation, coloring, and return bloom. 

Q: May we take professional photos out at the farm?

Please use the contact form to reach out to a crew member who can discuss availability, policies, and procedures.

Q: Are dogs allowed on the farm?

Well behaved dogs are allowed on a leash in the outdoor areas. They are not allowed in the orchards or in the farm store at any time.

Q: Is OHF organic?

Oregon Heritage Farms is a conventionally managed apple orchard, using organic and synthetic products to keep the orchard healthy and pests managed. We work closely with a certified agronomist to ensure that all label requirements are followed and we only use what we need to!